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High Speed Inline Flat & Round Drip Tube Lines

KET offers hi-tech and standardized solutions for Flat & Round Drip tube extrusion. The cutting edge technology powered by value engineering makes it possible to achieve highest level of performance.


Features & Benefits

  • National Award Winning Technology
  • Operating Line speed up to 250 MPM
  • Up to 1000 drippers per minute
  • Capable of processing thin wall tubing (0.2 mm)
  • Uniform end product – consistent performance
  • Lower power consumption
  • Lower investment per kilogram of output

Models & Specifications

  • Drip Extruder

  • Dripper Feeding & Inserting Device

  • Cross Head & Die

  • Vacuum Calibrating Tank

  • Cooling Bath

  • Servo Drilling Device

  • Visual Inspection System

  • Capstun Haul-Off

  • Auto Coiler

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